Rates/Fees - Indoors

Boarding options are listed below.  We do offer a discount for owners with multiple horses.  If there is a special situation you are needing, please contact us and we will do our best to accomodate you.

Indoor Box Stalls

We have many matted box stalls in the main barn.  Horses are fed twice each day and cleaned daily with new shavings added as needed.   You have access to lights and electricity in each stall. The wash bay is complete with hot water.  Barn connects to indoor arena.



12' X 10' Stalls     $375.00 per month

12' X 12" Stalls    $425.00 per month



Port-a-Stall Barn 


The port-a-stall barn has 15 matted box stalls that are 12" X 12". Also one foaling stall.  Water, electricity and a locking tack room is available.  It can be rented by the stall or the barn in it's entirety.  Daily care is offered as well as self care for lease of the entire barn.


Single Stalls-self care     $260.00 per month          Full Care     $325.00

Entire Barn-self care    $1500.00 per month  



North Barn

The North Barn is under renovation.  12 X 12 stalls with runs and sliding doors for inclement weather.  Auto waterers, huge tack room, light and bright.  More stalls becoming available as renovation continues!!

12 X 12 Stall with run       $525.00 per month

Short Term Boarding/Overnights/Day Use


We do offer short term boarding as well as overnights.  We can accommodate overnight campers for horse shows, etc.  We offer the rental of our indoor/outdoor arenas as available.


Inside Arena                      $400.00/day, 4hrs/$200, 2hrs $100.00

Outside Arena Event           $400.00/day, 4hrs/200.00, 2hrs $100.00

Short Term Boarding          $12.00 per day - min 7 days

Overnight Camping            $15.00 per night - self contained

                                        $20.00 per night - dry, plug-in

Overnight Horse - Inside     $20.00 per night - provide own hay and clean

                                        $30.00 per night - our hay and we clean

Overnight Horse Outside     $15.00 per night - provide own hay and clean

                                        $25.00 per night - our hay and we clean

Trailer In Fee                     $15.00 per day - per horse

                                         $100.00 unlimited per month - per horse




Tack sheds are available for $25.00 per month.

Trailer storage is available for $25.00 per month.


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